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Soil and fertilisers

The soil beneath your feet is your most precious resource in the garden: look after it, and your plants thrive. There's a huge range of bagged composts, soil improvers and fertilisers in our garden centre to keep container plants happy and your soil in tip-top health.

Multipurpose compost is perfect for container-grown bedding, cuttings and potting on. In our garden centre you'll find environmentally-friendly peat-free and peat-reduced composts, and composts with added fertiliser and water-retaining gels - great for thirsty hanging baskets.

Specialist composts are tailor-made for the needs of plants from citrus to roses. You'll also find soil-based composts in our garden centre for permanent container planting, ericaceous composts for lime-hating plants and fine-grade seed composts for sowing.

Soil improvers like farmyard manure and soil conditioner beef up poorer soils to keep plants growing strongly. Mix with your soil when planting and use to mulch the surface to suppress weeds and hold in moisture.

Fertilisers include liquid feeds such as liquid seaweed and tomato feed to encourage flowering and fruiting. Add slow-release fertilisers such as fish, blood & bone to planting holes and mix granular feeds into potting composts for feed-and-go convenience.

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Templeogue for more information and advice about composts and fertilisers.

A selection of Soil and fertilisers

  • West+ Ericaceous Compost

    Feeds plants for four months
    50% more root development essential for ericaceous, acid loving plants
    Lime-free, improved water retention
    Healthier, longer lasting plants

  • NEW West+ Light and Easy Peat Free Compost

    Peat Free
    Feeds plants for four months
    Super lightweight – easy to carry
    Perfect for flower, fruit & vegetable growing

  • Organic Vegetable Growing Compost, 50L

    Nutrient rich for growing vegetables
    Stronger, healthier root establishment
    Rich source of organic matter
    Perfect for growing all sizes of vegetables

  • John Innes Young Plants – No 1, 10L Pouch

    Gives young plants the best start in life
    Feeds for four weeks
    Encourages healthy growth
    Develops stronger roots

  • Surestart Seed & Cutting Compost, 10L Pouch

    Improves germination by up to 25%
    Perfect nutrient balance for swift establishment
    Improved aeration and drainage
    Unique formulation to release nutrients when required

  • John Innes Potting On – No 2, 10L Pouch

    Feeds and establishes for a healthier plant life
    Feeds for five weeks
    Develops stronger roots and abundant blooms
    Well drained compost

  • John Innes Mature Plants – No 3

    Nurtures and sustains a longer plant life
    Feeds for five weeks
    Rich in nutrients for hungry plants
    Encourages new growth

    10L Pouch @ €5.499, 30L @ €5.99