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What we can learn from Anne Wareham

Anne Wareham isn’t a ‘conventional’ gardener. In fact, she writes and reports anything other than what you would expect to hear from someone with a beautiful garden in the Welsh borders. Anne can be quick to provoke discussion and challenges thoughts and ideas about gardens and gardening. Self-named as the ‘Bad Tempered Gardener’, here are some points we can learn from Anne, who looks beyond the norm.

3 DIY ideas to replace your Christmas decoration

After the festivities are over and it’s time to take down the sparkly decorations and Christmas tree, the house can feel a little bit bare. As soon as the Christmas tree has been removed, there is extra space and when the lights come down, it can feel less glitzy. It’s perfect to do some DIY at this time of the year as the evenings are darker and we need to fill in the gap between Christmas and Spring. We’ve put some ideas together to give you some fun DIY goals for the new year!

Dramatic dogwoods: winter’s best friend

When the days are short and the trees are bare, one plant still glows with colour in the garden – the shrubby dogwood. Dogwoods are part of the Cornus family, a group of deciduous trees and shrubs. While flowering dogwoods are at their best in summer, shrubby dogwoods hide in the background all year, then explode onto centre stage in winter, shedding their leaves to reveal the brilliantly coloured stems beneath.

Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day

Houseplant appreciation day is a great way to celebrate the benefits houseplants bring to our homes. Houseplants are completely on trend right now so it’s no surprise there is a whole day dedicated to appreciating them. Not only are houseplants aesthetically pleasing and a great way to soften interiors but they are unbelievably good for us to have around!

Indoor style: urban yet outdoorsy

Styling an urban yet outdoorsy home means thinking about creating a contemporary feel with warm vibes, bringing the outside in and connecting with nature. Think of natural wood furniture and nature-themed accessories with plant patterns and fabrics. Creating a minimalist but warm feel can be tricky so use these tips below to style your home with the environment in mind. 

Tips for recycling or reusing your Christmas Tree

Our tips for recycling or reusing your Christmas Tree will help you out after the festivities are over and you are wondering what to do with your tree. It can be sad to undress the tree that’s given you so much pleasure over the Christmas period but rest assured there are many ways it can be put to good use! 

What to do in the garden in January?

Are you wondering what to do in the garden during January? It can be a cold month with the worst of the Winter weather so when hibernating is top of the list, make sure you do it with plenty of seed catalogues, garden books and a hot chocolate. 

Houseplant of the month: Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm, otherwise referred to as ‘an explosion of fresh green leaf’, is exactly what you need inside the house this time of year!